Pottery and Porcelain

18The human need to pottery and porcelain pots was a result of his attempts to get the tools that keep his food. Pottery is one of the oldest archaeological discoveries and a wealth of documentary that tells the story of the events. Porcelain was influenced by the Chinese porcelain which has been moved from East China through Silk Road.

  • Clay has two types:
  1. Calcareousclay
  2. Argil clay

Pottery is the result of clay kneading and drying and grilling it by fire. Then when we paint it and dip it in a liquid consisting of water and fine sand and lead oxides and grill it using high temperature, we make it into porcelain. Porcelain is just a coated pottery with a layer of glass. Pottery and porcelain are used in the manufacture of pots and vases, jars and others.

  • Pottery Industry:

There are three ways to make pottery:

  1. To form each piece at a time by bare hands
  2. To form each piece using a mold in which we pour the clay and move it to a oven to be grilled.
  3. To form it using a wheel on which we place the clay and spin it and form the clay as the shape we want from top to bottom while spinning.

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